Care & Content Label Tutorial March 04 2016

Because I use various exterior and interior fabrics to make my accessories, I print care & content labels instead of purchasing them. This way, I can print as many (or a little) as needed and not end up stuck with a lot of unusable inventory.   Here’s my process:

What you’ll need:

-T-shirt transfer paper                                                   - Scissors

-Inkjet printer                                                                   - Iron

-Photo/graphic editing software                                    - Pressing cloth and Clapper

-¾” Polyester Twill Tape 

  I. Follow the directions for the T-shirt transfer paper.

          A) For mine: I use Illustrator to type out my labels in “mirror image” format.  Then print the labels and let them dry for 30 minutes. 

  II. I then cut each row into strips.

  III. After that, I transfer the text on the strips to the twill tape using the directions from the T-shirt transfer paper.

     A) For mine:

  1. Place the twill tape on top of the clapper.
  2. Place the transfer strips face down on the twill tape.
  3. Lay the press cloth on top of the transfer strips and twill tape.
  4. Using the iron, press gently until the text has transferred to the twill tape.
  5. Let cool completely.
  6. After the labels have cooled, gently remove the paper form the twill tape.


     7.Finally, trim each label with 1/8” seam allowance on each side.


And that’s all there is to it! Now, I’m fully stocked.

The package of paper was about $5.00 and the twill tape is $2.00 for two yards (72”). I usually get about 52 labels from each sheet of transfer paper and 36 labels per package of twill tape.

So to do the math:

Paper cost: 52 labels per sheet x 6 sheets per pack = 312 labels.

                                $5.00 / 312 labels = $0.02 per label

Twill tape cost: $2.00 / 36 labels = $0.06 per label

Label cost = $0.08 per label (not including the ink of course.)

Not too bad. In truth, I print my own labels not for the cost effectiveness, but for the convenience of having the exact amount I need. Hope you found this tutorial useful. Enjoy!!