30 Days of Thanks December 01 2015

Hello Fall! As we enjoy the Holiday season, it’s a great time to reflect on things in life that we are grateful for. This year, I decided to look at things outside of my prize possessions (ie family, health, security) and take a look at the little things in life that may go unnoticed in my daily routine.

So here is my 30 days of thankful list.

  1. My personalized stamp: I love this stamp. It makes branding quick and painless.   I use it on everything I can.
  2. Sewing machine/sewing: Duh right??? It’s how I make all of my products. However, it’s also how I repair, hem and tailor many of my own clothes.
  3. Staple Gun: – This is probably the item that I use the least, but am most appreciative of it when I need it. We’ve been through a tufted coffee table, a reupholstered couch, a headboard and many more diy projects.
  4. Goodies From My Garden: – Not much brings me more joy than harvesting goodies from my garden, especially on harvest day.
  5. Mini Cutting Mat: – This mat is so great because it can fit into small spaces or extend the cutting area of my large cutting mat.
  6. Large Cutting Mat: – Makes cutting lots of cases so much easier.
  7. Rotary Cutter (both the straight edge and scalloped edge): (Same as above)
  8. Bobbin Winder: It’s all fun and games until the bobbin runs out. I love the winder because I don’t have to un-thread my machine to fill a new bobbin. It’s a great time saver.
  9. Humidifier: During these dryer months, it’s nice to have something that can help to alleviate the dry air.
  10. Cell phone parking lot at the airport: Such a lifesaver! When flights run late, customs lines are ridiculously long or there are baggage claim delays having a free place to wait inside the airport is such a perk.
  11. Clothesline: This apparatus is mainly used for photoshoots, but on more than one occasion it’s been used to dry oversize pieces that are too large for the dryer.
  12. Bluetooth Headset: Great for taking phone calls while still keeping my hands free.
  13. Morning Tea: There’s no better way for me to start off my day.
  14. Ngozi Sweet Blessing Candles: These candles are so wonderful. You don’t even have to light the wick. Just opening the container is enough to fill the entire room with its beautiful fragrance.
  15. BHG Magazine: After a busy weekend, it’s nice to relax with a hot cup of tea and one of my favorite magazines.
  16. Press Ruler: Makes measuring and pressing hems a million times easier.
  17. Afternoon Tea with the Girls: Saturday afternoons were meant for tea and girl chat.
  18. Sundays: Is there anything better than waking up, thinking that you’re late for work and then realizing it’s Sunday. Oh Sundays, how I luv you.
  19. Homemade guacamole: I never realized how much bolder the flavor is. I’ll never go back.
  20. Books: I don’t get much time to sit back and delve into a good book, but when I do it’s like a little piece of heaven.
  21. The Nice Lady that let me go ahead of her line: In the grocery store, a woman in front of me noticed that I only had a couple of things in my hand while she had a cart full items and let me go ahead of her. It’s such a small gesture, but I very much appreciate it. This always inspires me to do something nice for someone else as well.
  22. Binge watching my favorite shows: ‘Nuf said
  23. Mom’s home-made soup: Mmm-mmm good. I usually freeze a good portion of this soup for those cold winter nights. It also comes in handy when you have not time to cook.
  24. Music: Pump up the volume!! Whether cleaning, cooking or working music makes almost any task more fun.
  25. Yoga: I must admit I wasn’t too fond of Yoga initially. The very “zen” speaking voice of the instructor and new age music made me more annoyed than relaxed. However, after much research, I found another form (sans zen voice) of the exercise that I love. Now, when I finish my work out, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.
  26. Bestie Time: It’s great to catch up with my BFF. Although we live very busy lives, we make sure that we have a chat session at least once a week to catch up on with each other.
  27. Autumn Breeze: My favorite thing to do this time of year is to sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze.
  28. Air Filtering plants: We all know that indoor air quality is much more polluted than outdoor air. My preferred method for air cleaning is to open the windows. However, during months that it may be unfavorable to do so, it’s nice to know that my indoor air is being filtered.
  29. Egg quiche: My go-to breakfast. It’s healthy, easy and more importantly quick!
  30. Big Spoon: This one makes me laugh. For a while now, my mother has been making her home-made soup (#23) at my house and also complaining that I don’t have a big enough spoon. This year she decided to remedy the situation by buying me my very own big spoon. Thx mom!!