Custom Display Trays August 02 2016

After contemplating the look of my booth design, I decided on having two rows of risers and a four standing display shelves.  I want to display my cases inside of trays instead of directly on the risers.  Fortunately, I had purchased a few metal trays (on clearance, woohoo!) from a big box store and a few plastic paper sorters from my local $1.00 store.

Although, the trays are the perfect size for my needs, they are not in the color I wanted.  Nothing a little spray paint can’t solve, though. Here’s my process:

What you’ll need:

    * Trays                                              * Light grit sand paper

    * Painter’s Tape                                * Primer Spray paint

    * White Spray Paint                          * Clear Lacquer Spray Paint

    1) First, tape off the handles of the metal trays so that they’re protected from the paint.

    2)  Second, lightly sand the trays and wipe away the dust. Now, it’s time to spray paint.

    3)  Next, spray the trays with one light coat of the primer and allow them to dry completely (follow the instructions on the can).

    4)  Then, spray the trays with two light coats of the white spray paint and allow them to dry.

    5)  Finally, spray them with one light coat of the lacquer and allow them to dry.

    That’s it! Having all of the trays in the same color will create a more cohesive looking display.

    Next up: Converting the metal trays into display shelves.