Customized Shopping Bags Tutorial October 29 2016

Shopping Bags: A Great Way to Brand

Initially, I had planned to use brown, kraft paper bags as part of my packaging. However, I came across a sale on clear plastic shopping bags and my original plan went out the window. Not only was the price better, but the clear bags would actually help to serve as extra marketing being that shoppers would be able to see inside the bag. Also, I decided to use white lunch bags for my smaller items.

Each of these bags had to include my company info and booth number.  Here’s my process:

First, we’ll start with the small bags.

What I used:

White Paper Lunch Bags

Logo Stamp

Thank You stamp

Ink Pad – Black Ink

Black Marker

Circle Labels

1-First, I lined up my Logo stamp along the center of the bag, just a few inches down from the top, and stamped on the bag using the black ink.

2-Second, I used the “Thank You” stamp towards the bottom center of the bag.

3-Next, centered beneath the Thank You graphic, I used the black marker to create a number sign. Then I placed a circle label next to this sign.

4-Finally, I wrote my booth number on the label.

Placing the number on the label enables me to use any leftover bags for another show by simply replacing the label.

Now, on to the Large Shopping Bags.

What I used:

Plastic Shopping Bags

Printable Adhesive Shipping Labels 2” x 4”

Printable Address Labels 1” x 2 5/8”

Ink Jet Printer

Graphics Program

Paper Cutter

1-Using my graphics program, I created my company logo and sized it to fit on my adhesive shipping labels – 2 per label. (The “Rulers” function came in very handy during this process.)

2-I printed the labels on the shipping label paper and cut them down the center with my paper cutter.

3-After that, I printed out my Booth number on my address labels.

4-Assembly time: I placed the company stamp label at the top center of the bag and the booth # label at the far right corner of the bag. Again, the Booth# label can easily be replaced for use at another show. If held in the right position, other shoppers will not only be able to see inside the bag, but also which booth the items came from.

That’s it! This has been my most expensive project so far. However, it was far less expensive than purchasing pre-printed, customized, bags. Up next, odds & ends to complete the look.