Product Wrap Tutorial September 06 2016

DIY Product Wraps

After researching branding options, I decided that product wraps would work best for my sunglass cases. However, having custom printed wraps can be quite expensive so, I decided to make my own. The only thing I had custom printed were my labels. Here’s my process.

What you’ll need:

- Custom printed labels                                    

- Graphics Program

- Cardstock                                                       

- Printer

- Paper cutter, paper scorer & scissors           

- Double Stick Tape


1-Labels: I had my labels custom printed from an online printing company. They are the size of regular mailing labels.

2-Dimensions: First, I had to figure out the size of the wraps. I decided on 10 5/8” Length x 1 ½” Width. I wanted the wrap to have a flat bottom and fold down at the top. This length would allow me to do both. After determining the length, I then made a note of the fold lines. Measuring down from the top, the first fold would be at 3/8” for the top edge, 5 1/8” for the front fold and 5 7/8” for the second fold.

3- Composition: Next, it was time to figure out exactly which details I wanted to include on each wrap. I decided to include the price, type of item, social media handles and a guide line to line up my custom printed labels. Then, I used a graphics program to lay out my design. The “show rulers” option helped me to line up all of my text. If you are printing on the front side and back side of your wraps, like I am, don’t forget to “Reflect” the text on the back part of the label so that it reads correctly once on the product. Using my original dimensions, I can fit 5 labels per sheet.


5-Cut: Remember those fold line measurements? Now it’s time to apply those measurements to the paper. Use your scoring blade/tool to score your fold lines.

Then cut off 3/8” at the bottom of the paper so that the top flap lays flat against the bottom flap.

6-Finishing Up: Line up the custom printed labels with the guide line and apply. 

Now, it’s time to cut into individual wraps.

Next, gently fold down your scored lines. Finally, add some double stick tape to the back flaps and insert it under the top folded flap. Press firmly.

Now, insert your product and voila! DIY product wraps.



Hopefully, this will help you with your branding needs.

9/10/16 Addendum:

Here they are in use (photo taken by the ICE Craft Market's photographer).